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Questions about the treatments

Do you need to consider anything prior to the treatment?
No, you do not need to consider anything prior to the treatment. You may eat and drink everything as usual. It is sensible to eat well prior to treatment, because this is not possible for the first few hours after treatment. 

How is the treatment performed?
Prior to treatment, you will be asked to complete a registration form, after which we will examine your teeth. If you wish to undergo treatment after this consultation, your lips will first be covered with a protective gel and a dental mouth prop will be used to gently separate your lips from your teeth. Next, we will give your teeth a preliminary treatment and then apply the whitening gel. Subsequently, the plasma lamp will be focused on your teeth and every fifteen minutes (V.I.P.) or twenty minutes (Basic, Intensive or Premium) the whitening gel will be retouched or replaced. In the meantime, you can relax and watch TV. After treatment, we need just a few more minutes to remove the whitening gel from your teeth and then you can immediately view the result in the mirror. 
How long does a treatment take?
We offer four different treatments. The Basic treatment takes about 45 minutes, the Intensive one hour, the Premium one and a half hours and the V.I.P. two hours. With the Premium and V.I.P. treatment, we always conduct a consultation beforehand, in which we examine your teeth and estimate the result you can expect to achieve. After the treatment, we will look at the result together with you. 
Do you need to lie with your mouth open for one and a half hours?
During the treatment, we will insert a dental mouth prop in your mouth to separate your lips from your teeth. It is not meant to hold the jaws open and does not feel as though an impression is being made. We advise you to relax the upper and lower jaws during treatment and know from experience that most people can manage this. If you are still anxious about the dental mouth prop, it is possible to try it out first very carefully, so you can experience how it feels before we start the treatment. 
Does the treatment hurt?
With various teeth-bleaching methods, sensitivity can sometimes occur. At The White Smile Company®, we rule this out by working with whitening gels without hydrogen peroxide. However, during the treatment, we need to blow dry the teeth with air. For people with seriously exposed tooth necks, this can cause some sensitivity, which will lasts only a few seconds and will be announced beforehand.
Can you eat and drink everything after a treatment?
We advise you not to eat or drink anything, except for water in the first two to three hours following the treatment and definitely refrain from smoking. After these hours, you may eat and drink anything except for food and beverages containing a high level of colourings. The next morning, you may eat and drink everything as normal and, if necessary, smoke again.
Is one treatment sufficient?
Yes, one treatment is always sufficient to achieve the maximum possible result for your teeth. Even with stubborn discolouration, for example caused by tetracycline, the treatment is so effective that discolorations will be removed in one treatment. After one treatment, your natural teeth cannot become lighter in colour. This means that there is no point in having a second treatment within a short period, even using a different bleaching method.     

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