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Questions about the safety

Does the treatment hurt?
With various teeth-bleaching methods, sensitivity can sometimes occur. At The White Smile Company®, we rule this out by working with whitening gels without hydrogen peroxide. However, during the treatment, we need to blow dry the teeth with air. For people with seriously exposed tooth necks, this can cause some sensitivity, which will lasts only a few seconds and will be announced beforehand.

Will your teeth discolour more quickly after the treatment than prior to the treatment?
During the treatment, all the preceding years’ discolouration of your teeth will be removed. The structure of the teeth will not altered be in any way. This means that your teeth will not absorb discolouration more quickly than prior to the treatment.
Can you repeat the whitening treatment after a certain period?
Because a treatment at The White Smile Company® is not harmful and changes nothing permanently to the structure of your teeth, you may repeat the treatment as often as you wish. In theory, you could do this with ease several times per year. However, it is only necessary if your teeth are affected by new discolouration. If you wish to preserve optimal result, we advise you to repeat the treatment once every one to two years, depending on your consumption habits and maintenance regime.

Which food and beverages are bad for your teeth?
There is a distinction between things, which are unhealthy for your teeth and which can discolour your teeth. Food and beverages that are unhealthy for your teeth contain a lot of sugars or are acidic, which softens the tooth enamel. Daily, almost everything you eat and drink discolours your teeth to a certain extent. However, some products colour your teeth much more than others. Smoking discolours teeth the most, followed by such things as coffee, tea, red wine, cola, tomato sauce and beetroot. The things that give the worst stains on a white sheet will also discolour your teeth the most. 

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