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At The White Smile Company®, the safety of the whitening treatments is guaranteed. This means that the treatment will not have any adverse effects on your teeth. As a professional clinic, we are well aware of the fact that a treatment should be safe, pleasant and give good results. Therefore, we take the full responsibility for extremely safe and effective treatments.



In contrast to many dental clinics, The White Smile Company® exclusively utilizes pH neutral (pH 7) whitening gels without hydrogen peroxide, which contain natural substances such as sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda). These non-peroxide gels are completely harmless to your teeth and not a threat to your health. Besides, our whitening gels completely exclude sensitivity during or after treatment and do not affect your tooth enamel or cause irritated gums or sensitive tooth necks. If you have your teeth whitened at The White Smile Company®, we will make your teeth as white as possible, without altering the teeth structure. 


Plasma Lamp 

The plasma lamps we use for our whitening treatments transmit no warmth or UV light, thanks to an in-built infrared filter and a light frequency which lies entirely outside the UV spectrum. The light from the lamps is completely safe.



If your dentist still has questions about the safety of whitening treatments at The White Smile Company®, he or she could contact us so we can provide more information about how we guarantee the safety of your teeth.



In past decades, research has been carried out across the world regarding the safety of teeth whitening. A number of the most important research studies, which you can find on the internet, are listed below. 


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