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Basic treatment


If you want your teeth to be just a few shades whiter, then the basic treatment is suitable for you. Especially if your teeth are not very discoloured or if you have whitened your teeth earlier, this treatment would be sufficient.


The Basic treatment brightens up your smile and makes all the superficial discolorations disappear. With the Basic treatment, your teeth will become about four shades whiter and the result remains six to twelve months. After this period, you may repeat the treatment again.

Intensive Treatment


Do you want your teeth to be clearly whiter, but the result to look nice and natural? Then the Intensive treatment is the best treatment for you. Your teeth can get up to seven shades whiter and the result remains eight to eighteen months, depending on your consumption habits (smokers about eight months and non-smokers eighteen months).


Premium treatment


Do you have a job interview or a wedding planned and do you want to whiten your teeth for this special occasion? Then the Premium is the best treatment for you. With this treatment, your teeth will be considerably whiter yet with a natural colour. Even if you have relatively little discolouration on your teeth, we can still make it noticeably whiter.


Prior to the treatment, during a free consultation, our cosmetic dentist will show you how white your teeth will get. If you decide not to undergo treatment following this consultation, you may always cancel it free of charge and without giving a reason. We consider this an honest approach.


We guarantee that after the Premium treatment your teeth will reach optimum whiteness – up to ten shades whiter. This result remains twelve to 24 months and depends on many factors such as how you maintain your daily hygienic routine, smoking, consumption of teeth staining food and drinks such as coffee, red wine et cetera. After these months, it is completely safe to repeat the treatment.


V.I.P. treatment


The V.I.P. treatment is the ultimate way to achieve the best results whitening can offer. Besides, you will experience the same treatment many famous Dutch celebrities have had. By combining the very best and most advanced techniques, your teeth may get fourteen shades whiter at The White Smile Company®.


Prior to the treatment, we will give you a consultation and examine your teeth for such things as fillings, crowns and other restorations or irregularities. This consultation is free and entirely without obligation, which means that you have the right to cancel the treatment without it costing you a penny. Besides, we will accurately estimate the maximum whiteness of your teeth to give you a precise picture beforehand of how your teeth will look after the treatment. Because of our final and special fluoride treatment, your enamel will become stronger, so your teeth will be both whiter and healthier. In addition, you will receive a free whitening toothpaste tube to maintain the result, which will last one to two years, possibly even longer, depending on your consumption habits and maintenance regime.

After the treatment


It is important to drink only water or milk in the first two to three hours after the treatment and definitely not smoke. After this, it is better not to take any food or beverages containing strong colours that can cause stains (e.g. coffee, tea, red wine, ketchup, red cabbage, et cetera.). This applies for the rest of the day and refraining from smoking as long as possible is recommended. If it is not possible to stick to this diet for whatever reason, then it is not a major problem – it would not mean that the complete result would be lost. Nevertheless, it could slightly reduce the result.


By brushing your teeth with professional whitening toothpaste, you can maintain the white result. The White Smile Company® has made a selection of the best whitening toothpastes for you. For more information, click here.



A whitening treatment only affects your natural teeth. Everything that has been artificially applied such as fillings, crowns and facings, retain their original colour. Prior to the treatment, our cosmetic dentist will give you advice regarding the best course of action for repairs that are in prominent view.


If necessary, you can often simply have your dentist change or adapt the restorations so that they are the same colour as your natural whitened teeth. It is best to do this two weeks after the whitening treatment, since the final colour of your teeth will only then be visible. Most restorations are not directly noticeable after the treatment. In this case, it is not necessary to visit your dentist.

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