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V.I.P. treatment


The V.I.P. treatment is the ultimate way to achieve the best results whitening can offer. Besides, you will experience the same treatment many famous Dutch celebrities have had. By combining the very best and most advanced techniques, your teeth may get fourteen shades whiter at The White Smile Company®.


Prior to the treatment, we will give you a consultation and examine your teeth for such things as fillings, crowns and other restorations or irregularities. This consultation is free and entirely without obligation, which means that you have the right to cancel the treatment without it costing you a penny. Besides, we will accurately estimate the maximum whiteness of your teeth to give you a precise picture beforehand of how your teeth will look after the treatment. Because of our final and special fluoride treatment, your enamel will become stronger, so your teeth will be both whiter and healthier. In addition, you will receive a free whitening toothpaste tube to maintain the result, which will last one to two years, possibly even longer, depending on your consumption habits and maintenance regime.

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