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A Premium Treatment for Just € 129

We promise that you will not find such a complete and effective treatment as the Premium treatment for this price anywhere else. For comparison, other dentists and clinics charge €255 to €425 for similar treatments. 
Why are we inexpensive?
By offering the Basic treatment for just € 59 for example, we are working with the smallest of margins. Due to the large number of people who choose for The White Smile Company®, we easily carry out the largest number of treatments in The Netherlands, which compensates the small margin per treatment. This means that you will pretty much pay only for the actual material costs, cosmetic dentists’ fee, and not for large shareholders’ profits. In addition, the large amount of treatments gives us a stronger position in negotiating with our suppliers. Consequently, we pass on this profit directly to you, so that we can offer you the lowest fee possible. 
Price/Quality Ratio
In spite of the low fee, we still set aside a minimum of one and a half hours for the Premium treatment, which is longer than the dentist or other clinics would take. Besides, experienced cosmetic dentists who work with the best equipment and materials available will help you. Indeed, we also apply this success formula to our other treatments.

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