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Questions about the payment

How much does a complete treatment cost?
We offer four different treatments with special offers (only this month!). The Basic treatment now only costs €59, the Intensive €89, the Premium €129 and the V.I.P. €179. These are all-inclusive prices with no additional costs.

What payment methods do we accept?
Payment is requested immediately after the treatment. It is possible to pay by cash, debit or credit card. You will immediately receive your invoice, which you could submit to your insurance company.

Is it possible to have the treatment reimbursed through your insurance?
In general, a teeth whitening treatment is considered as an aesthetic treatment by insurance companies and is, therefore, not always reimbursed. However, some companies do reimburse our treatment, if you have an extensive (dental) package. If you would like to know whether your insurance company would (partially) reimburse the treatment, you should contact it for more information. We advise you to submit the invoice in any case if you have had a treatment. Your insurance company will make its own decision.

Can you get discount if you bring more customers to The White Smile Company®?
Because we charge an extremely low fee with small margins, we cannot afford to offer discount, even if you take along several people at once. In spite of this, we are convinced that only at The White Smile Company® you will pay the lowest price for a professional treatment.

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