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Intensive teeth whitening treatment

Treatment with Excellent Results 



The Intensive treatment will give you a beautiful and natural white smile. This treatment is completely safe for your teeth and takes only about one hour. The treatment is very effective and will boost your confidence.
  • A clear, but natural result 
  • Safe treatment 
  • The latest techniques
  • Competitive price

Step by step

step 1
step 1 At the beginning of the treatment we will cover your lips with some protective gel.
step 2
step 2 A small dental mouth prop will be placed in your mouth, to separate your lips from your teeth.
step 3
step 3 Your teeth will be air blow dried.
step 4
step 4 Subsequently, the Magic White whitening gel (non-peroxide) will be applied to your teeth.
step 5
step 5 The plasma lamp will be focused on your teeth in two times 20 minutes sessions. In between these sessions, the whitening gel will be retouched or replaced. During the sessions, you can relax and watch television.
step 6
step 6 After this procedure, all that is required is a good mouth rinse and you can immediately check the result in the mirror.

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