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F.A.Q. General questions

Do you have to pay for the consultation?
No, the consultation is free and without obligation. Before you undergo treatment, it is very likely you first want to see the expected result on the dental colour chart and listen to our advice regarding restorations such as crowns, fillings and veneers in the front teeth. We can examine the possibilities for you personally and advice on solutions for complicated cases.

Which food and beverages are bad for your teeth?
There is a distinction between things, which are unhealthy for your teeth and which can discolour your teeth. Food and beverages that are unhealthy for your teeth contain a lot of sugars or are acidic, which softens the tooth enamel. Daily, almost everything you eat and drink discolours your teeth to a certain extent. However, some products colour your teeth much more than others. Smoking discolours teeth the most, followed by such things as coffee, tea, red wine, cola, tomato sauce and beetroot. The things that give the worst stains on a white sheet will also discolour your teeth the most.

Can you eat and drink everything after a treatment?
We advise you not to eat or drink anything, except for water in the first two to three hours following the treatment and definitely refrain from smoking. After these hours, you may eat and drink anything except for food and beverages containing a high level of colourings. The next morning, you may eat and drink everything as normal and, if necessary, smoke again.

Will your teeth discolour more quickly after the treatment than prior to the treatment?
During the treatment, all the preceding years’ discolouration of your teeth will be removed. The structure of the teeth will not altered be in any way. This means that your teeth will not absorb discolouration more quickly than prior to the treatment. 

How long will your teeth stay white after the treatment?
On average, the result of our whitening treatments will be preserved for one to two years. This depends on your consumption habits and maintenance regime. After this period, the results will gradually decrease.

What can you do after the treatment to keep your teeth white?
It is important for you to take care of your teeth by brushing well and regularly remove dental plaques at your dentist or mouth hygienist. In addition, you could keep your teeth white by brushing with a good whitening toothpaste – and we do not mean toothpastes which only contain a polishing agent, as sold by most supermarkets, but a toothpaste which contains carbamide peroxide. This will immediately remove new discolouration from your teeth. The White Smile Company® recommends Pearl White, which is significantly more expensive than other whitening toothpastes. However, it is very effective and safe for your teeth. Ask for the Pearl White toothpaste at our reception.

Can you repeat the whitening treatment after a certain period?
Because a treatment at The White Smile Company® is not harmful and changes nothing permanently to the structure of your teeth, you may repeat the treatment as often as you wish. In theory, you could do this with ease several times per year. However, it is only necessary if your teeth are affected by new discolouration. If you wish to preserve optimal result, we advise you to repeat the treatment once every one to two years, depending on your consumption habits and maintenance regime.

Are there any other methods available to make your teeth whiter?
The treatment as we apply it, gives the best result for each set of teeth. Broadly speaking, this treatment is used by specialists across the world. Due to our years of experience in this business, we have perfected our techniques and are the most advanced in the world in achieving the best results. We know that our customers want to have the best result, in a safe, comfortable way and for the lowest price. Our treatment guarantees this for everyone. That is why you do not need different treatments or alternative home-bleaching methods.


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