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Basic teeth whitening treatment

White Teeth in Just 45 Minutes



The Basic treatment is a professional whitening treatment for a low price, which takes just about 45 minutes of your time. Due to our special offers this month, you only pay €59 all-in. Because we use the best materials, thirty minutes with the blue LED lamp will be sufficient to whiten your teeth.  
  • Quick treatment
  • Entirely safe
  • Clearly visible whiter teeth 
  • Not expensive and yet professional

Step by step

step 1
step 1 At the beginning of the treatment we will cover your lips with some protective gel.
step 2
step 2 A small dental mouth prop will be placed in your mouth, to separate your lips from your teeth.
step 3
step 3 Your teeth will be air blow dried.
step 4
step 4 Subsequently, the Magic White whitening gel (non-peroxide) will be applied to your teeth.
step 5
step 5 The plasma lamp will be focused 20 minutes on your teeth. During the session, you can relax and watch television.
step 6
step 6 After this procedure, all that is required is a good mouth rinse and you can immediately check the result in the mirror.

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